Ballroom Dance Dress: An Influencer of the Hollywood’s Red Carpet Looks


“The 21st century has seen the amalgamation of Hollywood and ballroom!”

Ballroom dancing and its popularity is not something you weren’t aware of. But, what might amaze you is the influence of ballroom dance dress on the fashion world and how it is slowly overtaking other popular celebrity looks on the red carpet!

The world is seeing shows like “So You Think You Can Dance” and “Dancing with the Stars” for some years now and has become a significant part of commercial television. So, it is no surprise that the magnificent dance fashion trends are making their way into the wardrobe of fashionistas.

The result?

You’re seeing them on stages and runways as well now.

Trends of ballroom costumes winning the hearts of fashion lovers

Specific characteristics of ballroom dresses that were grabbing eyeballs on the dancing floor are also making heads turn on the streets. In fact, MET Gala has largely seen these inclinations towards ballroom wardrobe; and, how celebrities are switching their princess-mode on.

  • Bright colours

The impact of exuberant and flashy ballroom costumes is evident on the runways as you see the models adorning bright and shiny colours. So are the celebrities learning from those ballroom dancers the trick to bring attention to what they are wearing.

The fashion designers also believe that the next season will see a storm of bright colours inspired by ballroom dance dress.

  • Massy

For a few seasons now, you can see the trend of wearing gowns with a lot of volumes. Saying this means, the designers are using more materials to enhance the volume of a skirt or dress. On the dance floor, this helps dancers to amplify their body movements. Actresses are using the same trick to make their evening attire stand out among the crowd.

  • Crystals and beads

The Advanced Rhythm dresses in ballroom dances are embroidered with rhinestones and considered exclusive to this art form. But, the rules are not that strict anymore! You can see beads and crystals in abundance in dresses and tops. These flashy costumes are becoming a favourite of Hollywood celebrities as they can embellish formal as well as casual attire.

  • Laces and nudes

Ballroom dancers often adorn lace outfits and use nude-coloured laces to give a bare-bodied illusion. Consequently, the red carpets of numerous award shows are seeing how female celebrities are following this ballroom dance dress style.

Nude dresses with great lace detailing are enthused from those lace outfits. You can even see teenagers wearing these gowns at proms. Online showrooms and commercial clothing stores have these dresses with attractive colours and designs as their collections.

  • Texture

Ballroom costumes are consistently using textures to create interesting designs and patterns. And, so are fashion designers for a while now. It adds a distinct character to ballroom dresses that fashionistas adore these days. These have also become a huge fashion trend in the past few years.

Ballroom wardrobes are getting all these love and attention because they are exciting, fun, and sensuous. It would be great to add such an exquisite piece of clothing to your closet as well!