How to buy your ballroom dance competition dresses


Ballroom dance is a popular dance and a favorite for many couples and partners. In any ballroom dance, the partner’s dress is very critical. A ballroom dress has to be appealing since it adds beauty to the dance. One has to choose the best dress that is fit for her to be comfortable when dancing and to look all beautiful. The market is loaded with a variety of ballroom dresses, here are some tips on how you can choose the best ballroom dress for you.

Know your body type.

A dress that fits you will look elegant and will make you confident while dancing. You need to know your body type so that you can have an idea of what dress will go with your body. There four types of body types.

-inverted triangle or apple size. In this type of body, one has wider shoulders and bust while the waist and hips are narrow.

-rectangle or banana shape. It is a square shape where the waist is less defined. It’s only a few inches between the waist and hips and bust and waist.

-hourglass or double triangle. This type of body one has wide hips and shoulders, but the waist is less defined

-pear or triangle shape. This where the shoulders and bust are narrow, whereas the hips and waist are wide.

Choose a ballroom dress that balances your shape well.

Color selection.

Go for a color that looks good on you. Ballroom dresses come in different bright colors. Choose a dress depending on your body color and the color of your hair.for example you can go with lighter color if your hair is blonde. Black hair goes well with colors that are very bight. Recently pastel colors are becoming a sensation in ballroom dresses.

A dress that high spot your features.

The best ballroom dance dress should highlight your body features. Such a dress should be designed in a way that showcases your unique features like narrow waist, wide hips, and so on. A dress that highlights your body makes it beautiful and attractive hence drawing the attention.

Type of dress.
Ballroom dance dresses are available in many types. There are short or just below the knee dresses called the rhythm or Latin dresses. They are worn when a dancer wants to show their unique legs. It also focuses on the body movement making the dance attractive. Smooth dresses are another type where the dance dresses are long like gowns.

One can add glamour to the ballroom dance dress to look more elegant. Stones and crystal application enables dazzling of the dance dress. They also reflect light as you maneuver the dance floor. You can attractively apply the stones to feature your body. The type and the number of the crystal are up to one’s choice and preference, but remember, the more they are, the more the eye-catching the ballroom dress will be.

Keeping all the above factors in mind, you should remember that a ballroom dance dress must not restrict your dance movements, it should show off your strong body points and cover your weak points.