Exquisite Forms of Ballroom Dresses and Dances!


Onlookers enjoy the competitive and social charisma of ballroom dances and the exquisiteness of its different costumes!

However, people fascinated by ballroom dancing must know the significant role that ballroom dresses play in this art genre. In fact, it is not only when they perform on stage, but they need to maintain a dress code in their practice sessions as well.

So, here are a few of the costume types that need exclusive mentions.

  1. Standard & Smooth ballroom costume

Every girl loves those long ball gowns! But, do you know that it is actually a typical ballroom costume that dancers are using since the inception of this dance form, that is, 16th century?

Till this date, professionals consider this basic Standard & Smooth costume as their safety net and believe nothing can go wrong in those princess gowns.

These dresses have simple designs, yet they carry daintiness in them. Ballroom dresses in this category do not have those embellishments like most advanced costumes. However, they look just as elegant and attractive as other dresses.

  1. Latin or Rhythm dress

Latin dresses have a shorter length for the dancers to flaunt their long and beautiful legs; these also make their leg movements appear more precisely. However, there’s no strict framework for the Latin dress designs. This can be seen in those Latin costumes with longer cuts and extravagant back slits. It ensures that the shoe heels do not catch into the dancer’s dress.

Frills are the most distinguishing features that Latin dresses have. These amplify the hip movements and specific body postures making the dancer look marvellous while performing.

  1. Advanced Rhythm dress

These are more dazzling than basic Rhythm dresses. That’s because the advanced ones come with heavy embellishments of rhinestone works. However, these come with one drawback too – the stones make the dress heavier.

So, sometimes, professionals choose to go low on those rhinestones for easier body movements. Nonetheless, this upgraded Latin dress looks magnificent on female dancers.

The prices for these costumes vary depending on the quality and quantity of rhinestones. Typically, they start at $500, but rhinestones can take their costs to as high as $6000.

  1. Open Standard

These are the classic ballroom dresses with feathers, gloves, stones, and floats. There is no doubt about how ravishing a dancer can look in these Open Standard costumes. The fluffy lower halves of this dress help in bringing that retro look in performances.

Online stores have these kinds of dresses in abundance. Thus, one can choose from the numerous options depending on their affordability and specific requirements.

Now, let’s look into some of the ballroom dances that exude passion, romance, and joy.

  • Cha-cha-cha: It’s a flirtatious dance form with excessive energy and enthusiasm.
  • Foxfort: This is the perfect ballroom dance type for beginners. These simple routines are fun and easy to learn.
  • Lindy Hop: It’s the Father of swing dances and is popular because of its athletic and unique style.
  • Pasodoble: A southern France origination, Pasodoble is a sparkling and energetic ballroom dance.

You can choose any of the ballroom dance dresses mentioned above for these different ballroom styles and make the audiences fall in love with your dance moves and panache.