Top 6 Styles in Ballroom Dance Dress to Bowl You Over!


Planning to buy an ideal ballroom dance dress that will completely bowl one and all over? Well, there are aplenty people giving you a host of advice about which colour to wear to choose a dress that would suit your requirements, to keep your age in mind, albeit a host of them! Now, it is true that all these factors are extremely important for your choice of dress. However, these cannot beat the fact that styles in these dresses are equally important!!

Style – in a ballroom dress? Too far-fetched a thought? Not really folks, because this article will precisely give you details of the same! Why wait? Scroll down and read up – after which you can surely get a better idea of its variants!

Styles in ballroom dresses

For those looking for styles in ballroom dance dress – these are choices available:

  1. Spanish style

Passionate flamenco dancers and their swerves – aren’t they just too alluring? Well, when Spanish style is the key, then laces, ruffles and roses are the ultimate options! Seduce with your style and let your fiery persona come out via this format!!

  1. A dreamy look

To give allure to your ballet performances, soft pastel shades of blue, white and pink are ideal!! Choose a long, flowy dress that will enhance your features while you grace the stage to a soft number.

  1. Royal is stylish

Royalty may have left countries, but when it comes to Latin style – nothing can beat it! Mostly available in deep hues of burgundy and blue, this ballroom dance dress style is graceful and goes well for women who are on their wrong side of the ’40s!

  1. Go floral

In all your ballroom dance dresses, floral style can never go out. With a net base, one can either choose a floral attachment or go in for a complete floral net look. Make sure that you add diamond drops to match this look.

  1. Some shimmer and shine

A dash of shimmer and a flash of shine – this is one dress style that is dramatic and holds a host of Rhinestones, feathers and pearls for company. Its base is glossy in most cases with silver and white being the most prominent hues.

  1. Pin-Up is a great option

For those looking to entertain – shorter dress and polka dots are the ideal ones! Perfect for the easy-going and lively souls, this pin-up ballroom dress is the styles that are ruling the dance stage in current times!

What to check before the final buy?

Quite a variety of styles, aren’t they? So, which one are you planning to choose this ballroom party? Whichever you choose, just make sure that the below-mentioned points are followed to ensure a good buy –

  1. Check the credentials of that retailer from whom you get your ballroom dresses. Though piracy is not that high in this domain, not getting a correct fringe and cut as promised is a common affair. Hence, be careful!
  2. Do make it a point to specify fringes, high and low cuts, laces and fabric type when you choose this dress.

Make a wise buy!