Styles in Latin Dress from 1920 to 2019 – Have a Look!


Bachata, Cha-Cha and a host of Latino dresses require that perfect Latin dress!! Now, this is something you all are aware of and surely not a point for which you have Googled this article. True that! However, what is important to note is the style. In recent times, with a number of cuts, fringes and drapes that have been introduced – the ideal style statement is somehow lost. How about going back in time?

Check this out!

Fashion in the 1920’s era

To start off with, 1920s was one of the most fashionable ages to reckon with –

  • Corset was abandoned, and dropped waistlines were the new thing.
  • Shorter hemlines were introduced to up the fun quotient.
  • Tubular silhouette was the ‘thing’ of the Jazz age.

Clearly, ballroom dresses had a new style and definition during this time! Hence, the Edwardian formality was gone, and now, the only thing that was remaining was how to ensure style even in a minimalistic manner with a dash of some funk!

The Jazz fashion styles

For those looking for some unique style in their Latin dress – 1920’s is an amazing collection to check. Whether you call it shimmer or furry, this offers a plethora for sure –

  • In case you plan to keep it black in terms of ensemble – adding a peacock feather with beaded rhinestones is the ideal way to add a dash of style. Very jazzy albeit yet very dance dress!
  • In case fringe is the key aspect – gold and beaded variants in tassels show the perfect alternative in the mundane format.
  • Nothing can give that perfect trim apart from adding flares of ostrich feathers to your dance dress. Just a handful of rhinestones to complete this look in a perfect manner.
  • Finally, with fringes being most talked off affair – how can gold and bead collection stay behind? Flirtatious, sexy and passionate – this is an ideal combo for cha-cha to bachata!!

Classics that are to stay

As much as jazz fashion has taken over ballroom dresses, one cannot deny the class of classics – time to check that out:

  1. Fringe Latin dresses emphasize specifically on the dancer’s movements and help to add a dash of volume to this outfit. In fact, most of these fringes are sewn in small tassels to get the desired effect.
  2. Whether it is Floral pattern or Leopard ones – either looks good on these dresses.
  3. A ballroom dress with Empire waist is the new happening thing! Not only it elongates a dancer’s figure but also ensures that hip movement is perfected.
  4. As much as jazz age it is – similarly, furs and feathers are quite classy as well. No point in missing that out!
  5. Floats and drapes bring out the natural look of your body.
  6. How about keeping it short? For those who are planning to dance on a sensual number, make sure that you keep your ballroom dance dress quite short and black in style!

With all these points well-acquainted, just make sure that you are getting your Latin dress from an authentic retailer who matches up to your expectations!