Looking for a Perfect Latin Dress? Here’s Your List of Dresses in Vogue!


An approaching Latin dance competition often follows a frantic search for the perfect Latin dress. Needless to say, choosing these dresses is tough as you need to look beyond the face value they bring. While on one side, there are numerous styles, designs and fabrics to pick from, on the other, matching the dance’s intensity is equally important.

With just a couple of minutes to make the impression, your choice of dress becomes even more critical. It needs to carry both sophistication and creativity. To top it all, if you want to stand out, it is equally essential that you go for a trendy choice.

So, here are 7 such in-vogue dresses that you can choose from for your upcoming Latin dance competition. Make sure that they match with your dance moves and intensity.

Latin dress – 4 trendy costumes to choose from:

  • Drape-styled dress

Although drape-styled or float dresses are available in many forms and shapes, some of them stand out with their detailing. These are the ones that have come in fashion lately for their adaptability for both comfort and style.

The ones with stretchy fabric like satin or mesh are the ones that have been in trend lately. These drape-styled dresses hug the body naturally and provide ease of movement. They also look very expensive and high-class even though they carry the least embellishment. They fit in comfortably when used as ballroom dresses because of the comfortable floats and wraps.

  • Fringed dresses

Fringe in Latin dresses has gained a new liking for dancers looking to give a performance or take part in competitions. They are one unique design of dresses as they help emphasise the different dance moves better.

Designers and sellers like Smarts Dance Dress attach these fringes in different patterns and designs to create a unique dress every time. Over a decade of experience has also added finesse to their expertise in creating Latin and other dance dresses.

Also, these costumes are much lighter because of the least use of rhinestones and other embellishments.

  • Printed and patterned Latin dance costume

The latest prints and patterns that have been doing the rounds as Latin dance dresses include floral, animal or abstract prints. When compared to solid colours, these prints and patterns infuse freshness to the dance floor.

So, if you are done with solid colours and look forward to a Latin dress that feels different and unique, these patterns are to go for.

  • Ballroom dress with empire waist

A Latin dance dress with empire waist is another hot new trend you can try out in the upcoming dance competition. These ballroom dresses from dancedressshop.com have been in demand lately because of their effect on women with a small frame. It lends them a tall-looking appearance.

However, these dresses are not suitable for large-hipped women. Also, it is preferable to go for this dress only when your hip movements are perfect so that it can be seen through the dress layers.

Apart from these, you can look out for dresses with sequined fabric or penny sequins. Latin dresses with feathers and furs are also in demand. Choose the costume you think matches perfectly with your dancing style and body frame, and make a difference on the dance floor.