Ballroom Dresses and Dancing Rules You Should Be Aware of!



If you are taking ballroom dance lessons and are entirely clueless about the rules, then this piece of information is going to be quite helpful to you. Unwritten and written ballroom dance rules are of significance before you even start with the practice.

Additional to all those, you should also have proper knowledge about the dancing costumes. So, read on to find out everything about the rules and ballroom dresses.

Rules you must know before heading toe to toe with your dance partner

It’s imperative that you keep these rules in mind even before thinking of taking dance lessons.

  • Counter-clockwise travel: It’s a rule that your feet should turn in a counter-clockwise direction while dancing with your partner.
  • Dance invitations: Try not to decline an invitation to the dance floor. It’s considered a bad manner.
  • Learn your speed: A better option for a slow dancer is to take a position towards the center since the entire circle on the outer edge needs to keep up with speed in order to dance it the right way.
  • Be courteous: Bow down when your partner takes your hand and do not forget to applaud the dancers once the song is done.
  • Dress apart: The correct dress for a ballroom dance is necessary due to various reasons. However, the most significant point is to keep up with the mood. You don’t want to make a fool of yourself by not following the dress code. So, pair your ballroom dance dress with the right heels, and you will be good to go!
  • Look around while dancing: Look at your right and left if you do not want to step on someone’s feet while dancing.
  • Watch your feet: Do follow your steps because if you are misbalanced, your partner may not be able to make his moves properly.

Let’s talk a little bit more on the ballroom dresses

You have a wide range of options in this case! Although you can carry out extensive research yourself, here’s a little help for you.

  • Gown: A gown is the ultimate ballroom dance dress. As most of the women prefer to wear a gown while attending a ballroom dance, this has become the dress code for most occasions.
  • Latin Dress: A Latin dress is another option you can check out for yourself. If you want your curves to be accentuated, this is the perfect option for you. Undoubtedly, you will look amazing in it.
  • Embellished: Embellished patterns portray class and royalty when it comes to a ballroom dress. So, try to keep an eye on that.
  • Stonework: Various gemstones and massive stonework on ballroom outfits make them look elegant and chic.
  • Special Features: Transparent arms and backless designs are some of those significant features which can make your dress stand out from the crowd.

If the collection of ballroom dresses is not quite impressive, you can always get one customized for yourself. Most designers accept orders online, or you can check their offers online before availing their products. In that case, it will be unique and special in a different way.