Take a Look at These Latin Dress Styles that 2019 is Awaiting!


It takes two to tango and a perfect Latin dress for Cha-cha, Bachata, Pasodoble, Rumba, and Jive! Well, not technically, but quite much!

The exclusive aspect of these dance forms is their difference in essence and unique dress types they require.

In simple words – If you wish to depict the passion of Tango, a red and black dress will create magic. While doing a Samba or an American Jive, you need to leave that passion out (albeit the dress as well) and jump in joyfulness with a dress-suit!

So, are you wondering what to choose?

Also, what about your body type?

If laces don’t suit you, will those patterns come to save you?

Lets’ take a look at some of the upcoming trends in these attires, which will rock the 2019 ballrooms! Scroll down, girls –

Draped Latin dresses to create the look

Floats and drapes will never leave the fashion or the ballrooms!

In fact, the question is – what’s a ballroom dance dress, if it lacks those drapes? Since these are created out of satin, and mesh, so keep your makeup minimal with a pair of studs to match the elegance this season!

Fringes work their magic always

In coming years as well, fringes will make it to the top. Since this specifically emphasises all body types, hence, donning one with studs and tying a topknot to showcase your Bachata skills will do the trick.

Are you curvy with your height being on the shorter side? Well, make sure that your fringes are sewn in small tassels, and specifically, attached around your hips and bust.

Possess a slim body with 5 inches height? For you dear girl – allow the fringes to be sewn densely to increase the volume. If you wish to experiment a little more – add on some beaded bugles or sequins to maintain the sparkle.

Let your waist not lie with Empire waists

This is one of the latest trends in the range of ballroom dance dress – empire waist dress. If you have a petite figure, don’t forget to try this out. It elongates your figure giving an illusion of a taller dancer.

By the way, for some sexy hip movements flaunt this attire and see the magic created through the layers of the fabric.

Patterns: The key to weave magic

Leopard and tiger prints on a Latin dress will never leave the fashion domain! If you are planning on a bold look – try to don an animal print with red trimmings to glam up the forest backdrop look!

Add a touch of fur or penny sequins as per the dance forms and see the chic you!

Keep it classic!

If furs, patterns, and drapes are just too much to handle, then resort to the classy little black dress to bring back the elegance on the dance floor. Designs – take a backseat today!

Pro tip: You just have 5-7 minutes to impress your judges! Make sure that the Latin dress is – well-fitted, classy, comfortable, and represents you at every move! Dance your heart out dear girl….and that too in trends!