Advantages of Choosing a Custom Dance Dress


Advantages of Choosing a Custom Dance Dress

With the enduring popularity of ballroom dance clubs everywhere, there is no shortage of shops catering to the demand for fabulous dance dresses. Both online and brick-n-mortar shops offer a wide variety of dancewear ranging from ready-to-wear, second hand or custom dance dresses.

Many beginning dancers opt for second hand dresses, preferring the significantly lower costs compared to RTW or custom dance dresses. Those who prefer brand new and are willing to spend a little more money but do not wish to be bothered with several fittings naturally go for ready-made dresses. They enjoy the luxury of being able to try several dresses on until they find something that they like.

Serious dancers and those who actually compete professionally have very specific needs in their dance costumes. A custom dance dress is their only option. They cannot afford to wear anything that hinders their movements on the dance floor or gets in the way of their dance partner’s maneuvers. They do not want an off-the-rack dress that doesn’t do anything to hide whatever physical flaws they may have.

Controlling the specifics…

What is the number one advantage to getting a custom dance dress? You get exactly what you need.

You can have the dress designed to reflect the theme or mood of the dance or your personality as a dancer. You can choose the fabric from which it will be constructed, knowing exactly what will allow you freedom of movement without causing damage to the dress. You can dictate where the appropriate decorations will go. You choose the colors and the prints. You control how high the slits will be, how long the sleeves or floats, how heavy the feathers and furs, how expensive the stones etc.

All these specifications are designed to create a particular effect on your audience; to achieve the utmost level of comfort for you and your dance partner; and to emphasize your explosive moves in order to impress the judges.

Where to go….

Make sure you choose a well-recommended seamstress, with many years of experience making custom dance dresses. If you can find one who has some personal dance background and actually understands the demands that you will make on the dress during a dance routine, so much the better. Involve your choreographer in the entire process. If the costume designer is a different person from the seamstress, involve him or her as well.

Maximize audience impact….

For the uninitiated into the world of dance and custom dance dresses, all these detail and preparation may seem over the top, but you would know better. You know that going into competition is not to be taken lightly as you will be facing dancers with the same fierce passion for their craft as you do. You can be sure they will all be wearing fabulous and well-designed dresses that are meant to help them stand out.

Wear your custom dance dress with confidence, comfortable in the thought that you are making a very positive initial impression on the judges and the audience the moment you step out there.