5 Most Popular Ballroom Dresses for Your Dancing Nights


It takes two to tango. Well, in this case, it is entirely true. Do you love to dance? Ballet? Flamenco or the good old ballroom dances?

If your answer is yes, then you have stumbled upon the perfect article. Before you get swept off of your feet (literally, isn’t it?), let’s look at the history of ballroom dance, ballroom dresses and how all these evolved with time.

During the British Renaissance, ballroom dance was a mode of entertainment. Be it Shakespeare’s Macbeth or Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice; this dance form has taken a substantial part of writing and setup. It even brought the two main protagonists of Austen’s most celebrated book together.

But, along with time, ballroom dances have changed and so have the dresses which the performers are to wear.

Variety is the essence of life:

Ballroom dance has different types. Starting with a cha-cha to waltz, you can opt for anyone. But, depending on the type of dance you are going to perform, you need to choose your dress.

So, what to wear and what are different ballroom dresses?


It is a lively ballroom dance form which is full of passion and energy. This dress has ruffles on it, and as it is an energetic form, its colours are bright like red, fuchsia pink and others.

For guys, they have a black shirt and pants made out of silk. The mandatory accessory for men to complete their attire is Latin shoes.

Waltz with Bashir:

The name of the movie isn’t in sync with this dance form. Waltz is one of the oldest types of ballroom dances.

Initially originated in England and France, this dance form’s dresses are more elegant and feminine. They are more like midis and ballroom gowns.


This type of ballroom dance dress is stimulating, low-cut costumes which aren’t necessarily bound to be worn only for foxtrot dance style. With a little alteration, it can fit waltz and even, salsa!

Swing with the wing:

This dance form has changed a lot. Initially, during these, the women used to wear a dress, which consisted of a fitted top, a collar and an A-line skirt.

But, its alternative is a buttoned-down blouse and an A-line skirt. You can use puffy sleeve caps to bring the vintage ballroom dresses style back in fashion. To go even more retro, tuck your blouse in the a-lined skirt, and you can start swinging.

Viennese Waltz:

The oldest and the current ballroom dance form is Viennese Waltz. Vienna’s weather is generally cold and icy. So, what can you wear?

To the ladies who are getting ready, long, classy evening gowns should be your choice. There are dress codes which may ask for “floor length” dress. But, the maximum dresses just fall below the knee. You can team it up with stockings.

To the men, do you have a tailcoat? Voila! This is the perfect occasion to take them out of your wardrobe, and you are ready to go. If not, wear a tux or a black dinner jacket. A bow tie with a tux or the jacket is a must.

And what about your shoes? Remember, Neville Long bottom? Those gorgeous, jet black, shiny shoes? Yes, that should be your choice. If not, polish your formal boots, and you are ready for the evening.

Just a reminder, inside every girl hides a swan, and every man is a gentleman. So, wear your favourite ballroom dance dress and take your partner by the hand. Dance your way into a memorable night.